Monday, November 29, 2010


So I should be in a terrible mood right now...but I'm not. I'm telling you, this is a very strange feeling! I don't get this very often. I'm usually depressed or upset with I should be happy.

I got a call at work today saying that one of our sales centres had water pouring out the back door. Great...I rushed down there, to find 8 firemen crowding the back room of the sales centre. Okay, so maybe that was the best part of the day. :) And indeed, there was water pooling on the floor. Apparently my boiler blew. Perhaps a few days ago. The entire sales centre was like a shower. I walked in and my glasses fogged up. It was so humid.

Over the next five hours I would call the locksmith, drive around the city to get heaters, worry about if my water lines would freeze, wipe down walls covered in water, and watch my lovely sales centre swell up with water...

I should be upset, I should be mad, and I should be depressed...but I'm not. The only solution to this truly miraculous situation is that Jesus is giving me with good mood, when I should be in a bad one. I guess He's just an amazing guy like that! And I like when my emotions follow what He would want!

Here's me with my trusty paper towel today! Let's hope tomorrow is better, but just a good as today.


  1. He's totally that kind of a guy! His joy is your strength...this makes me smile! :) Now there's a Monday to remember...and an answer to prayer...
    p.s. It's a good picture of you ;)