Saturday, October 8, 2011


On August 21st, six of my best friends came over to celebrate our friendship. I love these girls (and the photos) with all my heart.

Love this girl...can't believe we've been friends for 10 years. 

 Super gorgeous!

I always love the "realness" of Laura. 

Jocelyn is pretty much the best person - ever!

My lovely friend, Nessa.

Favourite picture of Beverly 

If only I could be as creative as this teacher...

Pretty sure this is my favourite from the whole shoot. 

The sister-less. 

We had so much trouble getting this shot! We were right above a beach, and everyone (including this massive group of guys...) were staring at us as we counted, "1, 2, 3..." - like 25 times. Fun times...awkward moments.

A set of sisters. 

And the other set. 

Attention to details! 

We laughed...a lot! 

Another favourite!

Thank you Merissa, for all the hard work...and the fun afternoon!

Friday, October 7, 2011

To Do List

You'd think that this weekend would be the weekend I write a thank you list. Perhaps that will come. For now, I'll tell you what I'm doing on my "free" weekend:

  • Plan large group Sunday School for Sunday morning
  • Make powerpoint slides for Sunday morning
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean room
  • Finish Mom's class list
  • Look into NYC flights/broadway shows
  • E-mail possible photographers re: Choir Website
  • Review more bios re: Choir Website
  • Practice re: Choir
  • Respond to booking e-mails re: Choir (do I see a theme here?!)
  • Teach SS
  • Drive to Lethbridge for family Thanksgiving dinner (whoohoo!)
  • Meet Rach for walk/coffee (whoohoo!)
  • Go to orchestra (Monday night)
I'm greatly motivated by lists. There's my non-booked weekend. Welcome to my life. I love it.