Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Big Apple 2013

My little taste of the Big Apple - January 2013

Having way too much fun at 7:00am. Business flights are quiet from Calgary to Toronto...
unless Mik and I are on them.

Times Square

More Times.

 Divas...after going to the opera at The Metropolitan Opera House - AMAZING!

 The bull!

 Walking the Brooklyn Bridge. Chilly, chilly day! But oh, so beautiful.

Off for a little Wicked fun in a limo...

 Post Carnegie concert. All dolled up!

My beautiful mom!

What a blessing to play. Words can't even describe it. 
So thankful to the Lord for His direction in my life.
And for granting me just huge opportunities to experience joy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Overtake. Complete.

February 26, 2013

Why do I wait so long to run to You? 
Why wait for moments of desperation? 
Lord, I am weak, but You are strong. 
I fail, but You have won. 
You've already won.
You've fought the battle.

Jesus, be present in my life. 
Make a difference in my actions. 
Show me the right attitude. 

Flood my life. 
May my cup run over with Your blessings.

Overtake. Complete.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 7 - From a Low Angle

February Photo Challenge Day 7 - From a Low Angle

These roses hang in my room. 
A reminder that I am a daughter of the King. 
I am loved.

Day 6 - From a Distance

February Photo Challenge Day 6 - From a Distance

Late night drive home after a fantastic night with friends.

Lights, highway, and hospital.

Day 5 - Faceless Self Portrait

February Photo Challenge Day 5 - Faceless Self Portrait

I always enjoy the days that I can get out of the office to run errands, 
and enjoy the sun.

Day 4 - Favourite Colour

February Photo Challenge Day 4 - Favourite Colour

Love this! Purple has been my favourite colour forever - seriously forever. 
Thus, welcome to my room.

 Top: My beautiful walls - Cinnamon Slate
Bottom: My newest sweater from Anthropology in NYC. 

Left: The necklace holder that my aunt made and painted for me years ago.
Right: Dress. Purple. Ruffles. How can it get better? 

The Frontenac, Quebec City - Part of my wall art.

So excited about my NYC Central Park coasters!

Teacup from Butchart Gardens in Victoria.

It's all about the accessories.

More art - a cross stitch from my Grandma.

Love books!

My dear girl Emily - an American Girl Doll that I bought in NYC in 2008.

I absolutely love my room. 
I love that it is my two favourite colours, purple and green. 
I love all memories that it includes!

Day 3 - Flavour

February Photo Challenge Day #3 - Flavour

What's your favourite?

Baking on Sunday...and loving it! It had been too long.

(The spice on the left, Star of Anise, is used only at Christmas in our house - for peppernuts, my absolute favourite Christmas baking)