Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 4 - Favourite Colour

February Photo Challenge Day 4 - Favourite Colour

Love this! Purple has been my favourite colour forever - seriously forever. 
Thus, welcome to my room.

 Top: My beautiful walls - Cinnamon Slate
Bottom: My newest sweater from Anthropology in NYC. 

Left: The necklace holder that my aunt made and painted for me years ago.
Right: Dress. Purple. Ruffles. How can it get better? 

The Frontenac, Quebec City - Part of my wall art.

So excited about my NYC Central Park coasters!

Teacup from Butchart Gardens in Victoria.

It's all about the accessories.

More art - a cross stitch from my Grandma.

Love books!

My dear girl Emily - an American Girl Doll that I bought in NYC in 2008.

I absolutely love my room. 
I love that it is my two favourite colours, purple and green. 
I love all memories that it includes!

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