Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1 - Friend

Photo Challenge Day #1 - Friend

There is no way that I could pick one photo. Do you know me?

Rachel & Erin
These are my working buddies. 
It is seriously so much fun to work with your friends. Rachel is married a good friend of mine growing up, and has become a great friend of mine in the last 2 years (and we're unstoppable together at work!). I've known Erin since we were 13 and we have many the boy-drama stories to swamp from Junior High. ;)

Mikayla and Kristin
These two are the greatest. Knowing Mik since I was 9 years old, there is more history there than I sometimes care to admit. Kris and I are pretty much the same person but different too - So much inspriation and passion that I admire in her. I love seeing these two on the best night of the week - choir Tuesdays.

Jocelyn, Nessa, Gina, Jess, Bev, and Laura
 My life wouldn't be the same without my girls. What a blessing they are in my life. This year we've switched up our prayer schedule, and committed to prayer for each one of us on a specific day. What a special to bound with each other and with the Lord.

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