Friday, July 29, 2011

No. 2 *Love* - Foamy Soap

I did tell you that this list wasn't in order of importance, didn't I? I sure hope so.

Number 2 love is *foamy soap*. Oh the fun. I've always loved the sensation of washing my hands with that wonderful foam. You know the instant foaming containers that you can buy from Pampered Chef, but then they stop working very shortly after? What disappointment I always have when using them and no little foam bubbles come out!

I've just returned from a vacation in which for two weeks straight I was able to enjoy foamy soap. In every bathroom on the Lispcomb University Campus had foamy soap, even the smelly, gross dorm room bathroom. A little burst of happiness would come over me when I got to use it.

One very late evening or early morning, I felt the need to share my joy of foamy soap, and was heartily laughed at...but I think, that I really just managed to share my love of the little foam bubbles.

I know, it is a silly thing to love, but I think if it brings you happiness and a little chuckle, it's totally worth it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No. 1 *Love* - My Family

So many people, on Facebook or blogs and such, write lists of items or of things that they's so good to reminded of things we are thankful for and love about life. I often find myself caught up in everything that wrong in life. 

I too will start my list of loves. I plan to expand a little more on items then just a list and each will have it's own post. Some will be obvious, and so not so much...Hopefully it will remind other to be thankful, while getting to know me better.

So, number 1. Family. Yes, I know, so obvious and one talked about often, but true none-the-less.

Mom: My mom is seriously the wisest person I know. Which is a blessing (and annoying at time too, you know?!). When going through life, she is great person to go and talk to, but just know you'll get advise! And good advise. And Godly advise. And advise you know you should follow. 

My mom with her grandgirls (and added bonus of their cousin Karina :) She is such a great "Nanny".

Lisa and Cam: Lis and I have always gotten along, although with 6.5 years between us and her moving out when I was 17, I'd say that we've never been super close. Although certainly not, not close, if you follow. But even now she is such an example to me of a Godly woman, amazing wife, and ridicously amazing mother. Her relationship with her husband, as well as how they raise their daughters *together* (please note the importance of together) is truly an example to me.

Reid: I love my brother. This past year I haven't seen him as much with him being got with school and such and hm, I don't like it! Such is life, but love when he is around to listen to me complain about life and have him first comfort me and then tell me to get over it. I love to hang out with him, go to movies, watch his sporting events, and talk about life with.

Alanna, Megan, Cadence, and Monica: Bah, and they just bring joy. Being the youngest in the family, I wasn't around little kids that much, so I like being the fun aunt. I like playing and then giving them back to their parents.

Alanna and Megs thought my photo-booth was pretty awesome!

I have this picture as my desktop right now and am constantly reminded of the love I have for them everytime I open my laptop.

For some reason I feel like this picture is very much missing my dad. When together with everyone is when I miss my dad the most. I know he would have been proud of who we are, but still would have inspired for us to be better. He would have been such an amazing grandpa to the girls. I miss him most for my mom and this stage of life that she now has to face on her own...but I was so blessed to have him there for 14 years and instil values into our family and my life that last.

Yes, I'm truly thankful for the family that God has given me.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Back in June some of my very favourite people and I went away for a weekend of relaxation! It was truly glorious. A couple in my church has a condo in Fernie that they gladly let people retreat to. So Jenessa, Jocelyn, Laura and I headed down.

We read, ate hiked, slept, and just had lovely time for two days. Here are some pics from that fantastic event (or non-event).

I realize I do the "cheesy" grin a lot!

The weather wasn't lovely, but it was fair. No rain!

Off on our little hike.

Laura cracks me up in this picture!

Water and skittles, what else do you need an hike?

Random bathtub infested with spiders...strange.

Lovely girls in God's creation.

Priceless moment! I *love* this picture!

Matchy match.

Hmmm, not sure...

Our trail got a little steep and sketch-mo, but we continued on like troopers. :)

Twin Creek Falls...or something like that...


Lunch time!

Jocelyn coming to rescue her camera from my little hands! :)

Laura's turn with the camera, under the tutelage of Jocelyn.

The crown of Fernie, the historic oil derrick. ;)

This little old beaten up trailer was attached to a brand new SUV, very odd picture!

Workin' the rigs.

Not more skittles.

Little pretending here...

I did manage to completely fall off this "thing"...quite painful and a hand full of slivers (we had to stop the movie later that night so Jocelyn and Laura could operate on my hand! I'm such a chicken)! I'm so thankful I didn't smack my head and or break my arm before my big concert and holiday!

Stange photo of Jocelyn in the bathroom. I'm sure she'll find this photo awkward. ;)

Our little living room.

Laura busy cooking us lunch!

It was so great to get away. I'm so thankful for my friends, vehicles to get down in, time to get away, God's creation to enjoy, His provision and safety, and so much more!

Away is Different

We know this right? Being away from home or in a different place than normal is well, for lack of a better word, is different. Not bad, but different. I'm away from home right the southern states. Talk about different! 

How about heat? You think 29 is hot? Try 38C! Liv and I comment every time we set outside on how many steps it takes for the heat to hit us. Sometimes it's right away, or we'll simply say "Four" or "Two". And then you head inside and *freeze* with the air conditioning...

How about the accent? I haven't really gotten to know anyone too well yet, so I haven't had the comments on my accent, but man, others are so different! I love it and find it so funny sometimes. But, I'm trying to stay very true to my Canadian "accent".

How about food? Can any one say fried chicken? Holy crow, or chicken should I say? It seems like every meal has fired chicken...I can't remember the last time I ate fried chicken at home.

How about the buildings and history? Maybe this is unique to the campus I'm staying, but I'm loving the trees, benches, amazing building with brick and lovely! (Lipscombe University in Nashville).

This is the view from my dorm room:

How about "American"? Now, this isn't a bad thing, and maybe American's feel like this when they come to Canada, but I very much feel bombarded with "American". Our entire show is on American history, patriotism, and just yeah, a lot about America...

But, it's all good! Just different, right? I'm enjoying the heat, the accents, the history, not so much the food, and I'm proud to be Canadian!