Monday, July 11, 2011


Back in June some of my very favourite people and I went away for a weekend of relaxation! It was truly glorious. A couple in my church has a condo in Fernie that they gladly let people retreat to. So Jenessa, Jocelyn, Laura and I headed down.

We read, ate hiked, slept, and just had lovely time for two days. Here are some pics from that fantastic event (or non-event).

I realize I do the "cheesy" grin a lot!

The weather wasn't lovely, but it was fair. No rain!

Off on our little hike.

Laura cracks me up in this picture!

Water and skittles, what else do you need an hike?

Random bathtub infested with spiders...strange.

Lovely girls in God's creation.

Priceless moment! I *love* this picture!

Matchy match.

Hmmm, not sure...

Our trail got a little steep and sketch-mo, but we continued on like troopers. :)

Twin Creek Falls...or something like that...


Lunch time!

Jocelyn coming to rescue her camera from my little hands! :)

Laura's turn with the camera, under the tutelage of Jocelyn.

The crown of Fernie, the historic oil derrick. ;)

This little old beaten up trailer was attached to a brand new SUV, very odd picture!

Workin' the rigs.

Not more skittles.

Little pretending here...

I did manage to completely fall off this "thing"...quite painful and a hand full of slivers (we had to stop the movie later that night so Jocelyn and Laura could operate on my hand! I'm such a chicken)! I'm so thankful I didn't smack my head and or break my arm before my big concert and holiday!

Stange photo of Jocelyn in the bathroom. I'm sure she'll find this photo awkward. ;)

Our little living room.

Laura busy cooking us lunch!

It was so great to get away. I'm so thankful for my friends, vehicles to get down in, time to get away, God's creation to enjoy, His provision and safety, and so much more!

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