Monday, July 11, 2011

Away is Different

We know this right? Being away from home or in a different place than normal is well, for lack of a better word, is different. Not bad, but different. I'm away from home right the southern states. Talk about different! 

How about heat? You think 29 is hot? Try 38C! Liv and I comment every time we set outside on how many steps it takes for the heat to hit us. Sometimes it's right away, or we'll simply say "Four" or "Two". And then you head inside and *freeze* with the air conditioning...

How about the accent? I haven't really gotten to know anyone too well yet, so I haven't had the comments on my accent, but man, others are so different! I love it and find it so funny sometimes. But, I'm trying to stay very true to my Canadian "accent".

How about food? Can any one say fried chicken? Holy crow, or chicken should I say? It seems like every meal has fired chicken...I can't remember the last time I ate fried chicken at home.

How about the buildings and history? Maybe this is unique to the campus I'm staying, but I'm loving the trees, benches, amazing building with brick and lovely! (Lipscombe University in Nashville).

This is the view from my dorm room:

How about "American"? Now, this isn't a bad thing, and maybe American's feel like this when they come to Canada, but I very much feel bombarded with "American". Our entire show is on American history, patriotism, and just yeah, a lot about America...

But, it's all good! Just different, right? I'm enjoying the heat, the accents, the history, not so much the food, and I'm proud to be Canadian!

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