Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finally here!

Well, the week of insanity of almost past! Tonight is the opening night of The Silver Screen Gala: A Night of Music. Long name, but it works, because it's a *big* concert! Definitely the biggest I've been involved in.

I'm so excited, and so nervous at the same time...I'm having those thoughts of "What is we're terrible?". I know we won't be. We've put in too many hours of work (seriously, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds) to be terrible. There will be some rough spots, but there always is, right?

The music isn't actually stressing me out too much. And I'm really choosing to not be stressed at all, but it's been crazy leading to this point. Who, in their right mind, takes on tickets sales (for over 700 assigned seats), and props, and is concertmaster, and is on the creative planning team, and is on the board? Well, clearly I'm not in my right mind, but we already knew that!

But, we're down to the last details. Stage is set, just a few more items to add. Tickets are sold, almost. Music is practiced, as much as it ever will be. Thank you cards are written. And now I just need to doll up for the concert, and wait out a day at the office!

Two more days, then a little bit of freedom! I'm so excited for the concerts, as well and the freedom afterwards!

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