Friday, July 29, 2011

No. 2 *Love* - Foamy Soap

I did tell you that this list wasn't in order of importance, didn't I? I sure hope so.

Number 2 love is *foamy soap*. Oh the fun. I've always loved the sensation of washing my hands with that wonderful foam. You know the instant foaming containers that you can buy from Pampered Chef, but then they stop working very shortly after? What disappointment I always have when using them and no little foam bubbles come out!

I've just returned from a vacation in which for two weeks straight I was able to enjoy foamy soap. In every bathroom on the Lispcomb University Campus had foamy soap, even the smelly, gross dorm room bathroom. A little burst of happiness would come over me when I got to use it.

One very late evening or early morning, I felt the need to share my joy of foamy soap, and was heartily laughed at...but I think, that I really just managed to share my love of the little foam bubbles.

I know, it is a silly thing to love, but I think if it brings you happiness and a little chuckle, it's totally worth it!


  1. Hmmm, do I by any chance know this person heartily laughing at you? Thanks for sharing...oh such awesomeness! ;)

  2. If you have a leftover dispenser (bath and bodyworks sells it so their bottles will work) you can use any clear (not creamy) liquid soap to make your own (which means you can choose the scent!). It's basically just watered down soap and then the special bottle makes it foam. Of course, I don't make mine because I'm in love with the berry and apple scents of the kids foaming soap that I got for Mady. The colour is a little freaky, but it's fun. I share your joy in the pleasure of using foam soap!