Monday, August 1, 2011

No. 3 *Love* - My bed!

So, as you know, last week I returned from a music academy in Nashville. It was great! However, the item I truly missed the most was, my bed. I know, sounds a bit ridiculous, but so true. I can even say that I missed this on a day to day basis more than my family (I was only gone two weeks, okay...).

Part of it definitely had to do with the fact that I was staying in a college dorm with no blanket or pillow. I was using an extra towel for a pillow, and Olivia was sweet enough to lend me her little fleece blanket (while she froze in her room).

But, oh, the glorious sleeps I had when I got home to my feather topper, my clean sheets, my two blankets, my five pillows, and my four stuffed animals (hmm, talk about a confession post!).

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