Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten Years

How to describe a life once lived. One can never do it justice. There is too much to say but yet not enough words to say it all. It’s been ten years since Dad passed away.

I miss you, Dad.

I miss lying in bed at night and hearing you hum your way down the hall.

I miss waking up in the morning to see you in “your” spot on the couch with your Bible open.

I miss you coming home from work to give Mom a kiss hello.

I miss hearing you call me “Leanno Piano”.

I miss seeing you “muck around” sweat pants or rubber boots (I can’t believe I’m saying that!)

I miss you leading worship at church.

I miss you holding Mom’s hand in the car.

I wish you were here to see your four grand-daughters.

I wish you were here to see your daughter and her husband.

I wish you were here to encourage my brother in his schooling and this thing called “real life”.

I wish you were here to give me advice about work.

I wish you were here at hear my play violin and see me “fling” my hair around as I do it.

I wish you were here so my mom wouldn’t have to deal with life as a widow.

I wish you were here.

The last ten years have been hard. Some times more difficult than others. It has been filled with tears of what is missed, but full of laughter and remembering what was. But, it is only through God’s amazing grace and love that our family is where it is now. He provided us with friends and church family. He has seen that we are provided for. But mostly, He has shown us His amazing love, even through hard times.

I hope that my dad's life and his legacy proclaims the love of God and who Christ is. To God be the glory. Blessed be His name.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to you dad, Leanne. I can't believe it has been 10 years. I have many fond memories of your dad and am reminded of him every time our extended family gets together. You've grown into a beautiful woman, Leanne. Your dad would be so proud of you!