Friday, October 7, 2011

To Do List

You'd think that this weekend would be the weekend I write a thank you list. Perhaps that will come. For now, I'll tell you what I'm doing on my "free" weekend:

  • Plan large group Sunday School for Sunday morning
  • Make powerpoint slides for Sunday morning
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean room
  • Finish Mom's class list
  • Look into NYC flights/broadway shows
  • E-mail possible photographers re: Choir Website
  • Review more bios re: Choir Website
  • Practice re: Choir
  • Respond to booking e-mails re: Choir (do I see a theme here?!)
  • Teach SS
  • Drive to Lethbridge for family Thanksgiving dinner (whoohoo!)
  • Meet Rach for walk/coffee (whoohoo!)
  • Go to orchestra (Monday night)
I'm greatly motivated by lists. There's my non-booked weekend. Welcome to my life. I love it.


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