Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My BGs

It was BG time again. That is, "Birthday Girl" time. Since I was 18, the seven of us have been celebrate each others birthdays with some unique way of celebrating. That first year we had surprise parties for everyone (yes, we surprised everyone!) and wow, what a year it was! Pride & Prejudice, Barnyard, Dress-up, Women of History, Gangster, and Clown. 

Since then, we've been getting creative or just plain having fun. But more than that, these girls have become my best friends. Through all our fun and craziness, we've developed a friendship like no other. Seriously, there is nothing that I love to do more than to hang out with my BGs. 
We love,  we laugh. 
We talk, we share. 
We talk about God, we talk about each other.

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