Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home Alone

My week of house-sitting has just started. I am so excited! Call me crazy...or shall we say adolescent, but I'm very excited to be on my own for awhile. Now, yes, please understand that I do love home and know I will be very lonely by the end of the five days, but for now, just let me be excited, okay? :)

Evelyn's house is so adorable. Full of bold but cheery colours. It is a bungalow in a older neighbourhood, but the house has been redone and is quite cozy.

This is Mango, my new friend. Well, I'm sure if we're friends yet or not. He was pretty excited for food, but has since been sleeping on the bed. But, I'm sure we'll get along famously.

And I do have a picture of my first meal. Call me pathetic, but this is big stuff. But, my camera is being silly and won't let me upload it. While I realize that I do need to hit the store, I did manage to scrape together a salad of mixed greens, craisins, nuts, cheese, and balsamic vinegar. And while some of you may say that is no meal, it is for me.

And now, sitting in the comfort of my home, I'm off to enjoy my salad, listen to Annie Moses, and do as I please.

p.s. I've managed to turn on the Christmas lights and I have no idea how...oops...

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