Monday, November 1, 2010


It was a relaxing, but stressful weekend. Meaning, I literally had nothing to do. No places to be, just little odds and ends to finish up. These always take longer than they need to when you have no deadlines. But, I find that when I don't have things to do or deadlines, my mind starts to go...and go...and go...and all of a sudden, because I have time to actually think (and not just rush from one thing to another), I start to stress. I stress about all the things that need to be done at home, all the things I haven't done at work, all the relationships that need patching, all the people I need to communicate with, all the music I need to practice, all the decision I need to make about "life"...It truly is overwhelming. Which, prompted the "Jesus" prayer that I wrote about below. All weekend, while thinking about all the different aspects of my life that seem to be cascading upon me, I'd just sigh and say "Jesus". I can't say that He provided me with any answers, but the amazing truth of just being able to call His name and know that I didn't need to be the one in control is so comforting. Hopefully I can get some clarity and answers to my brief but plentiful prayers over the weekend.

Today is Monday. I can't say that I really like Mondays. I always fee like I need a weekend after my weekend First off, I've usually had ringette the night before, and while I love to play ringette, I don't appreciate going to bed at 12:30 and sleep by 1:00/1:30am. While it's true the late nights happen on a regular basis throughout the week...Monday mornings are a whole different story. I'm tired, I got up late, I didn't get to shower this morning, I nearly fell asleep while driving to work, I have lots of work waiting for me on my very messy desk (well, let's be honest, I currently have four desks filled with my junk, not joking)...

But, today, Monday, my least favourite day of the weekend, I've made the decision to have a great day. It sounds quite silly, but when I make the decision to have a great day, than things go way better. So it will be. I hope that my decision to be happy, but productive is a melody for Christ today.


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  1. Lea, I was really blessed by this post! Was prayin' for you as I read. I really know where you're coming from...and it made me laugh to think about it :)
    But seriously, we'd all like to have you around for a while, so try and stay awake in the car...k?