Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jenessa's Party

Back to my list of updates...I'm working on a "work" post, but will talk a little more about my BGs and our recent get together.

While our party themes have quieted down over the years, we still manage to have such a great time. Everytime I leave our parties I have this overwhelming peace and a renewed love for my girls. I love how randomly (but not!) God brought our little group together.

Not to go into too much detail. Our most recent party was Jenessa's. It was a chilly Saturday morning when we met at the Lougheed House in downtown Calgary.

We put on our dresses to enjoy a wonderful brunch, including much tea, yummy food, and delicious apple pie. :)

Gift time. For the past year we've been making jean quilts for all the girls. I first got one from my aunt, then I made one for Jess, then Jess and I made one for Elyn, and then all of us for Beverly's going away gift, and so on. So, it was Nessa's turn. She wasn't too surprised, but it was still fun to watch her open it and gush about the gorgeous colours. Okay, well, we all did a bit of gushing about our amazing choices.

After our lovely time inside we headed out for a few more photos.

We're very practiced at timer shots by this point, as we are a very camera happy group! But when the professional photographer watched us struggle with finding the "perfect place" to set the camera and offered to take a few pictures for us, we couldn't say no!

And a few more for fun.

What a delightful way to spend a Saturday. I love you girls. I'm so thankful that God placed you in my life.

Laura and Beverly, we truly missed you. Let's do Christmas, okay?

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  1. Ah... the pictures are so much more enjoyable when I get the story that goes along with it! Thanks for sharing... and I'm totally jealous of your group of girls. Enjoy!