Friday, November 5, 2010

Meeting Her!

I made a short day trip to meet my new little niece. What a darling little girl! 

Monica was born on November 3, which was my great-grandma's birthday (my dad's grandma). Her name was Mary Kathleen, so when I got to Lethbridge, Lisa told me that they added the middle name "Kathleen". Therefore, she is Monica Kathleen Jewel Fehr. Lisa called and told my grandma, who was very touched.

It was such a joy to see her, and her sisters. Alanna, Megan, and Cadence are so excited about her and all fight to have a turn to hold Monica.

Megan is very concerned about Monica's umbilical cord. I probably heard the word "umbilical" over twenty times this afternoon. She wanted to know when it was going to come out, and if it hurt, and wanted to make sure I was very careful with it. We were constantly assuring her that everything was okay.

Cady loved holding the "cute little baby" and had a few meltdowns when it wasn't her turn with the baby.

 I love this little girl so much already!

 I can't wait to see the girl that Monica grows up to be and how she'll fit into our family!

Cady just couldn't get enough of her sister.

 How did these girls grow up so fast?

Just having fun together!

My amazing sister with a few of her girls!

I grabbed Alanna and Megan and headed out for the afternoon to give my Mom and sister a little bit of space. We headed to Starbucks (Auntie's favourite place) and met with Miss Laura for an overdue coffee date. Alanna and Meg brought along some colouring so they weren't bored.

Alanna is now in a booster seat. She loves being able to move around a bit more and can now turn around a look out the back window. So exciting! And Meg is now sitting in the back seat beside Alanna and this is quite fun. She keep telling Alanna to look our her side of the window.

  I grabbed this shot while they were jamming to the constant van noise of "Bullfrogs and Butterflies". I loved driving them around, singing right along with them, and hearing them sing about God.

Thank you Lord for my beautiful family!

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  1. I loved looking through your pictures and catching up on your blog!
    She is such a sweetheart as your other nieces, those girls are adorable!!