Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh the experiences...

I've had an interesting week. 1) I'm exhausted and 2) the boiler blew at one of my sales centres. 3) I'm going to Vancouver and should have lots more work done than I do. And therefore 4) it's been an interesting week.

The work events of the week got me to thinking about all the "experiences" I've had at work over the past few years. Good and bad. So, in no particular order:

~Being receptionist. What a great way to start work! I love being there for a year!

~Moving to admin for multi-family - first task: "Here, make these 163 binders! No, we currently have no supplies. Yes, they need to be done in 3 days..."

~Finding another Christian at work and getting know her more. Love you, Robyn!! I miss you lots!

~The laughs with Jenn. Miss you, Shmoe! Lots...

~Saying "I'll work here as long as Alex isn't my boss." Ah, I look at this and laugh....I now love this guy more that words can express and thank God for him everyday. God's got a plan in this for sure!

~Searching some unnamed person's head for ticks. This will forever stand out in my mind as the strangest thing I had to do...

~Alex's incredible patience in training me to do *everything* I do.

~Developing a love for "Excel" and stats. 

~Getting the call "Uh, there's water pouring out the back door."

~Specific Union Square memories:
    • Having my first panic attack. Not cool. High-rise possessions are just slightly stressful.
    • Taking safety training so I could walk around site in a hard hat and steel toes so I could pretend to be important.
    • Finding out we had all three colours schemes "mixed up" for the entire building. Yup, supplies were already ordered.
    • Learning to read electrical plans, just to make sure that the electricians got it right (because I'm such an expert, you know).
    • Getting my morning exercise by walking the stairs...all 26 stories.
    • Racing Alex up and down the stairs while filling humidifiers...hardwood floors and concrete buildings do not mix well!
    • Me becoming "Customer Service Representative" and being given 3 days notice to develop the entire system. Who thought that was a good idea?!
    • Shuffling over the concrete floors to find the high spots and low spots.
    • Oh, calling the exterminators to get a bat out of the sales centre...and then having it fly in Candice's hair. Really funny, but not at all!
    • Holding a "grand master" key for the place
    • Watching the fireworks from the roof with Mik. :)
    • Pretending I owned the show suite. I still do this...
    • "My" building:

And more specifically this year:

~Alex telling me he was moving. What a horrible day...and week. Still makes me cry...but God's working in it.

~Flying to Vancouver every other week for work. Somehow they think this is worth it. I love it, so I'll just keep going as long as they want me.

~Designing exteriors and floorplans of townhouses (uh, when was I trained to do this?!)

~Picking exterior colours for the buildings (and my mom's reaction when she hear this!)
~Having skype dates with the boys in Vancouver. :)

~Having Sean to vent to and "chat" with...actually chat.

~Talking spiritually with Simon. So cool. I never thought I'd be doing that at work!

~My morning fill of Alex, via skype. They get me through my day.

Oh, and there are so many more! This year has been especially challenging, but when I look at my list, I can't help but smile at my experiences, even some of the bad ones. God has brought me so incredibly far in my work journey. As I said before, never in a million years would I have imagined I'd being doing what I do (wait, what do I do?).

Thank you, Lord! You've brought me so far...and I sure couldn't have done any of it without You!

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  1. My boss was asking me today "what" you do ;) It took me longer than I'd hoped to come up with an answer...but now I guess I know! I know you do your best in everything you put your hands to, and that it is good. Keep watching God, He has your hand.