Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Loving Life!

So, it seems I'm a bit of complainer. No one has been quite forthright enough to actually tell me, but I've realized this on my own. Whenever something isn't *perfect*, then I tend to complain about it. 

I'm busy, so I complain. In reality, I like to be busy and definitely choose to be busy.

I'd like to go on a warm holiday, so I complain. This one is quite ridiculous, considering that in the past 3 years I've been on 5 major trips or 12 countries (Quebec City, New York, Caribbean Cruise, Kenya, Europe [Switzerland, Germany, Sweden] .

Work is too hard. Hmmm, I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to hard work. Yes, work is hard right now, but so good. God has blessed me with this amazing job and seriously it's amazing!

I complain about practicing violin. But, how often do you hear me say that I love playing? The two go hand in hand and I think I just need to deal with not liking to practice.

When looking at my list of complaints they all seem very ridiculous. VERY. I do recognize this!

 So, clear this all up. Here are some things that I love about my life:

I love my family, even if they drive me crazy sometimes.

I love my nieces and I'm not sure how they'll get cuter (but they always seem to...)

I love to play Jolie and praise the Lord with her. This is something that truly brings me more joy than anything else, even if I don't like to practice. This was in Hamburg, Germany:

I've been so blessed to travel so much. May it never end! My trip is already in the works for this summer. :)
In Sweden:

In Mukaa, Kenya with Mumo and Ndida.
At the Alps in Switzerland

 I love crafts/hobbies. I don't seem to do them too much anymore...recently it's been quilts for friends (and making them with friends too).

I love Judith. :)

I did a whole post about loving my friends, but it is so true, I can't get enough time with my girls (even if they drive me crazy too!) :)

And yes, I do indeed love my job. Certain parts more than others, but I truly love it. This is one of my show suites that I'm in charge of.

Mmm, I love shoes. Huge fan of Nine West heels, but also of my Chucks. Lookin' for a new pair...

I love weddings. I lost count, but I think I went to about 10-12 last year

 Concerts. Make me a happy girl by taking me to a concert. Favourites so far are: 
Keith Urban (below is Reid and I at KU)

Hmmm, huge fan of Starbucks (that's where I'm sitting now!)

 I love my youth girls. They bring me joy every Sunday morning and evening.

I love to wander (or huff and puff) my way through God's creation. We truly serve an amazing God.

There is seriously so much about life that I love, but I figured I'd stop boring you with it. BUT, I just wanted to clear this up: I *LOVE* life. :) It just keeps getting better and better and I thank the Lord for the blessings and adventures He's taken me on.


  1. And I love getting glimpses into your life! Keep it up!

  2. Wilkie, you do beat all! Good perspective, especially after loosing your draft this morning...I could always learn from that. :)