Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm here...

I don't have much to say, but I thought I should resurface for a post. It's been a strange week. Last week I was away in Kelowna, only to come home on Saturday and receive my second ringette injury in my 17 years of playing. A concussion.

A concussion does very weird things to you. My symptoms: feeling dizzy, heaviness of the head, tiredness, forgetfulness, and lack of all spelling and grammar correctness. I know, strange. I think that last one was the one the scared my mom the most.

Coupled with that, I had/have a very sore jaw. When I collided with the girl, our face masks were the first things to hit, so my jaw was thrown back and is now out of place. I can now close it all the way, but it's still strange. Chiropractor visits abound, as does the pain of the treatments.

So, I'm here. Housesitting for the next five weeks, and I'm bored. I mean, I do have stuff to do, but do you ever find that laziness breeds more laziness? For me to be productive, I need to be *really* productive. Hmm, perhaps this is a character flaw? But you know, you watch one TV show and it leads to another. You read one chapter and it leads to another. 

Today I'm going to do some work at home, so I can rest when I need to. But I can't sit here and do nothing for much I'm here and blogging, mostly about nothing. At least I'm doing something. 


  1. If there are spelling and grammar mistakes, please forgive me!

  2. Sorry to hear about your ringette injury although if this is only your second injury I'd say you're doing pretty good! I completely understand about the laziness thing... most days I win that war but my 9 month old belly is starting to encourage the lazy side of things lately. Enjoy housesitting - and don't feel bad about taking some time to rejunevate.