Friday, February 25, 2011


Well, it's over. My two weeks of laziness is over. I'm so happy that now I can get back to normal life (sort of). I'm still somewhat concussed, but can start to get back to it.

I tried to hit work for a few hours on Monday (even though it was a holiday). I did last for a few hours, but continued to feel a bit dizzy after awhile. I tried to ignore it, but it was there. 

On Tuesday I didn't need to go to the office, but had a bunch of moving to do. I moved for a good 5 hours, and felt fine. Wednesday, I decided to give my eyes a rest and wear sunglasses at work. I know, so cool. I felt great. But, a few "co-workers" weren't convinced that I should be working yet. Needless to say, I was not impressed and definitely spoke my piece about it. (Side note: Don't you hate when you do that? Embarrass yourself by opening your mouth a little too fast and a little too much...sigh.)

So, Thursday was another day off. I had a super long lunch with a friend (bonus) and did manage to work on some stuff at home for most of the evening.

As promised, I went to the doctor this morning and I'm back. I'm still having symptoms but am cleared to work as much as I feel comfortable and with instructions not to push it. However, she wanted to send me in for a head CT, just to be sure. Therefore, blood work to be done and waited for...hopefully I don't have to wait too long for it and everything is okay.

I'd been thinking about getting some prescription sunglasses, as I recognized that light was want I was having issues with. I went into the eye doctor to pick out some frames. But, it couldn't be that easy. My prescription was more than one year old, so I got into see the doctor. Of course I mentioned the concussion, which was cause for the full "work-up". An hour and a half later, $400 poorer, and with my eyes still blinking like the night sky from the lights and drops, I left the doctor. Definitely exhausting!

I was planning on hitting the office afterwards, but as I couldn't focus my eyes on anything, I hit home for some rest.

So now I sit here, knowing that I'm back into the swing of things.  Back to busy, back to on the run, back to stress. Hmmm, now I guess I have to be ready!

I milking a few more days of rest, but look out Monday. Because you may have a grumpy girl on your hands. ;o)

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