Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I love my brother!

Can we just talk about my brother and how amazing he is? I love my brother! 

He recently headed off to law school in Saskatoon and boy do I miss him. He's home for reading break right now and I got to hang out with him all day today. 

Even though we are four years apart I can safely say that we're friends, obviously more so in the last five years. He's one of the people who I can be very, very real with. He's not afraid to call me out of anything or afraid to tell me when I've completely lost my marbles. On more than one occasion he's had to put up with my venting about family, friends, work (that's the most common), or anything that availability to vent about (I'm pretty darn good at it).

We enjoy to hang out, however my picture selection is very spare (how terrible is that).

Hanging out with Keith Urban

He loves his nieces, even if they aren't too keen on the whole skating thing.

He's a little crazy when hanging out with Nick, but you're in for a few laughs when with them.

Living the childhood dream at Whit's End with a Wod-fa-choc-sod!

Enjoying God's creation.

Enjoying family.

Playing uncle.

I can truly thank the Lord for the *amazing* brother He's given me. The boy in my life. :)

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