Saturday, January 29, 2011

Extremes...Love and Hate

I found out over the past years that I'm a girl of extremes. I *LOVE* and I *HATE*. I'm passionate or I'm lethargic. I have a very difficult time giving 100% something I that I don't feel 100% about, you know?

On one hand, I love to be this way. I love to love. I love the joy that comes when I love something. I want everyone else to feel the same way! And then on the other hand, I don't love to hate. I don't love laziness in areas of my life.

There are also moments when I love something one minute, and I hate in the next. How many of you have heard me say that I love my job...and how many times have you heard that I hate it. I've definitely said both and really meant both. But, really, can't I just enjoy my job, and work through the difficulties? Both happen. Does it have to be love and hate?

I've been known to say I wanted to head back to school, get a degree, and work my entire life...and after a different conversation with someone I'm going to quit my job and stay at home for the rest of my life. Can't I come up with some balance?

And yet, aren't there areas in life that we should love and hate? Love Jesus and hate evil. Isn't that a good extreme? Or how about just general love? Isn't it good to just love things? I sure hope so, because I do. Maybe just tone down on the *hate* and continue on the love?

HATE - An adolescent word used far too much and not really meant. 


  1. I agree. Keep the love and tone down on the hate.

    Supposedly people become less passionate after adolescence. I'm glad that's not the case with you.

  2. Haha, Carla, maybe I'm still going through adolescence! :)