Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Ring the Bells"

One the best parts of my Christmas this year was my Christmas concert with the New West Symphony and Chorus, "Ring the Bells.

Can I just state how much I love to play the violin? And how much I love to play with this group. It is so refreshing. I keep thinking about it and how those of us in this group have two things in common: We love music and we love Jesus. Guys, the combination of this two things is *amazing*. The joy and emotion that flows from it is so uplifting. Even rehearsal is joy to go to.

"Ring the Bells" was amazing a magical! We'd been practicing these 19 songs for months and boy, were some of them hard! Olivia and I practiced for over 5 hours the weekend before the concert and much more could have been done. 

I had lots of favourite moments but a few favourites were: 

~Playing "Peace on Earth" (Casting Crowns version). The message of the song is amazing and the string part is out of this world. 

~ The guys bursting out in Swahili in "Ring the Bells". They were amazing!

~ And playing "Emmanuel" and "Angels from the Realms". These songs made my heart soar!

Of course I don't really have any great pictures of it, but I snatched a couple of Katie's off FB.
The group (but not the orchestra).

Fantastic shot of my back. :)

Some of my lovely friends that came.

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  1. One of my best memories EVER! I still play with our rec's. when I'm stressed/need encouragement. And you make an awesome concert mistress, too, btw... ;)