Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December and Traditions

In looking at some of my posts I wonder what's wrong with me and my life. So often it is just me spouting and panicking over some "moment". But, just to clear the record, my life isn't always like that. But, I think those are the moments that I just need to get a little expression out. Thus, my blog gets the worst of it...or maybe those around me at the moment. :)

It's been awhile. It's been a crazy month. You know, I think my whole life is sometimes spinning out of the control, but I think December was a bit extreme.

But, it was good. SO GOOD. I was able to partake is some amazing things.

To start off...traditions. Everyone has them.

In the past, when we were kids in school we'd all memorize part of the Christmas story and quote it on Christmas Eve. This has since turned into us just reading the story, although we continue to say it in our heads from our years of memorization.

Another is to go to our church Christmas Eve service. We've attended for the last 13 years or something. Usually one, two, or three of us are involved in something. This year it was just I, but I think with the amount I did I made up for the other two slacking off. :)

After the service we head home to have Chinese food with the Sawatzky clan. And oh what fun it is! I love this tradition. We have fun together eating way too much food, playing games, and just being friends. T'is one of my favourite parts of the year!

And then of course the presents at Christmas. My favourite part is the stockings. I love to see the stocks filled with goodies, and get all the "practical" things in life. Socks, underwear, gum, Starbucks cards, etc. Just plain fun. Reid and I fill Mom's stocking and this year we got a little out of had. Her stocking was filled and these was an entire bag fill with more gifts below it.

And as for the goodies, we actually don't do too much baking. But, my favourite baking is: PEPPERNUTS. You Mennonites know what I'm talking. Or maybe it is just my family. It just isn't Christmas without a batch of peppernuts...or three batches.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...belated. :o)

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