Friday, April 6, 2012

Things I wish...

Here are somethings I wish about myself, both serious and rather ridiculous and in no particular order:

I wish I could speak another language fluently, or at all! Either German or French.

I wish I would put my clothes away, instead of throwing them on the chair or dresser.

I wish I could ride a horse better...this one is one from a few years ago, when I just told my brother randomly when driving down Deerfoot. He thought I was so strange...but I think this may just change soon. :)

I wish I had a better memory. I've never trained myself to remember I forget anything academic or technical in a heart beat.

I wish I could put together a logical argument. Not even a mad argument. Just a "let me prove my point". Doesn't work.

I wish I loved to exercise.

I wish I was naturally musically gifted. Now before you protest and tell me that I am let me explain. I am talented, because I was forced to practice when I was young. That is it. I think it would be fantastic to have the natural gifting paired with the trained knowledge. So good.

I wish I could sing harmony.

I wish I wasn't an anxious person. I try very hard to really "curb" this side of me, as it can run a little rampant in our family and is so unhealthy. But, sometimes it does get the better of me...

I wish I was in my body. I can't touch my toes.

On that note, I do wish I was more flexible and "go with the flow" in my attitude/personality too!

I wish my hair wasn't frizzy.

I wish I was into cooking. I think it would be fanastic to make some amazing meals...but when it actually comes down to making them, I have zero inspiration...

I wish I liked the colour pink more.

I wish I looked good in the colour white. It would be so convenient.

And finally, I wish I were a better writer, making this blog far more interesting than it is.


  1. I can agree with a lot of these, there are a lot of things I have wished I could change about myself and then gotten upset because I can't and other people seem to be okay with their life. I think we all think that *everyone* else has something and then I/we feel guilty because we're not like them.

    Example, I wish I had more fashion sense/style and more confidence to just try stuff and rock it. ;-) You inspire me.

  2. I like your hair. You make it look good pretty much all the time. In fact, I don't think I've ever thought that you're having a bad hair day.

    Frizzy just means it has volume.

  3. Ah, the grass is always greener on the other side. C'est la vie. I hear ya. SO many things I wish were different; SO few things I can actually change. But if those things were different so many other things would be different... and some of those things I really like. So, I accept, embrace and enjoy. Which means that I continue to read your blog, even if you can't spell "rhombus". I like hearing your thoughts, no matter how well written they are when they come out. And I keep plugging away at learning how to be flexible - both in body and attitude, at worrying less, at putting together a logical argument and at trying not to be jealous of you girls who are stylin' even when you don't even try.