Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lethbridge Visit

This last weekend I finally went down to see my niece. I hadn't seen my nieces since Christmas! It was crazy, so mom and I headed down there on Friday night and stayed for the day on Saturday.

We saw the girls briefly that night, in time for "reading time". They were jumping all over the room and loving that we were there to read to them.

I sleep on the couch when I'm there, so it's always an adventure to wake up to the sounds of children. And then to pretend you're asleep until they come to wake you. That's probably the happiest you'll ever find me in the morning!

Lisa had a doctors appointment that morning and Cameron was out for a run, but I had brought them some new princess stamps, so I made sure to keep them busy and happy.

So big and grown up! Little Cadence and Meggie.

 Alanna and I. She read me a full story while I was there. I can't believe she's reading already! 

I didn't recognize this one at first either. A lot changes for a baby in 2.5 months! I love her red-ish hair and I think she looks like her oldest sister!

 Megan is the definition of sweetness.

We decided to all go swimming for the afternoon. Mom held Monica, while Lisa, Cam and I manhandled the three other girls. Alanna loved hanging out in the shallow end, Meggie loved the waterslides, and Cady wanted to do things on her own (as usual)!

Back at home we were all pretty tired (me esp!). But not too tired to continue the the crafts.

Lisa with her baby girl.

The girls love their Nanny!

The slobbery little one...always wet...

This was the note and picture Alanna made for her Uncle Reid. It says "Sorry I can't see you". (She puts a __ in the places where she isn't sure of the letters.

 And my note. Which says, "Auntie Leanne, I love you. You are special to me. Love Alanna". Or something of that sort...and we're hugging in the picture.

It was so wonderful to see them all again! I love my family.


  1. Monica has red hair? Really? So cool. I can't wait to see all of those girls again... just don't know when that will be. I'm glad you were able to get out there and see all of them again - aunties are so special and so much fun! Thanks for the pics!

  2. Well, red-ish, and apparently it's getting lighter...so I'll enjoy it while I can! :)