Friday, May 25, 2012

No. 4 *Love* - Shoes and Socks

I haven't posted a little known "love" for a little while...and I realized as I looked through my iphone pictures, that not only do I love shoes...I love taking pictures of them! These are a few beauties I found!

I love brown. 
Favourites (along with my new flag pants!)

Oh, the classics...yes, I have multiple pairs of these shoes.

Oh, looks like I have multiples of these too!

My beauties.

Hiking sandals! Hooray for Chacos!
And socks. I love them. Nothing is nicer than putting on brand new socks...they keep your feet so warm and cozy and just wrap your whole foot in a soft, tight hug!

Cow print is never too far away in my world.
Yes, I fully recognize that I'm strange. I choose to embrace it.

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