Sunday, February 5, 2012

Staying on Track - February

This month last has been busy. What month isn't? Well, I find usually January isn't...but this year was different. Basically, my January was 1) New Years, 2) Trip to NYC, 3) Get sick, 4) Get sick again, and 5) Ringette tournament. In that, working full time and planning various choir/orchestra events.

Therefore, my resolutions were definitely a challenge this month. I think trying new things is always hard and why we make them a "resolution". Especially while being on vacation, real life pretty much just gets thrown out the window and I instead embrace the moment (especially being in New York)! And then being sick, real life also gets thrown out the window, because you're either struggling to make it through the work day and get home in one piece, or you're in bed. Therefore, the challenge of keeping my resolutions.

Along with this non-normal life struggle, I've discovered the I'm very much an excuse maker (please see paragraphs 1&2)...even about the smallest things! I'm make mountains out of mole hills. So, with all these new moments I'm trying to implement, I'm constantly on the look out for a "reason" to not follow through. Which is ridiculous, but true! One of my new challenges to myself is to "Just Do It" (yes, like Nike). Just to sit down or stand up or just do what I need to do and not think too hard about it!

1) Go to bed before 12:00pm. - I actually did okay at this. Definitely room for improvement, but I'm happy to continue this.
2) Drink more water. - As I sit here with my glass of water! I'm pretty up and down on this, but am making progress. It's hard when I don't really feel any better or healthier, but I know it is good for me!
3) Give birthday cards to my friends. - Check on the one b-day in January. And February's are already made.
4) Keep a prayer journal. - This definitely lacked. Part of my excuse routine was "I'm sick and don't feel like it", but I still managed to polish off too many Gilmore Girls episodes than is heathy for me! Definitely need to work on this more!
5) Learn something new - Love this one, and have a few projects on the go!
6) Run a 5K in May. - Ha...yeah...

New for February:
There is still tons of room for improvement for January, but I'll add a few for February, because it's good for me!
7) Bible Study - The last few months of my life have seriously lacked this. I have a study book I'm working through, so I want to hit 2 lessons a week. This is a hard one for me to admit that "up-ing" it to 2 studies a week is an improvement...but it's true. I was encouraged by a lady at choir that without this, all my other challenges really don't amount to much...
8) Just Do It - Not only do I want this resolution exercise to be a practice at implementing heathy actions in my life, I think it need to start with attitude shifts as well. Therefore, out with the excuses. I just need to do the things I need to do...This translates to work, admin rolls, music practice, etc. Stop thinking (not actually, but you know...) and just buckle down (ha, that is such a mom statement!) and do it!

Life will be busy this next month with working hard on old resolutions and starting new.

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