Sunday, February 5, 2012

NYC - Carnegie Hall

How does one get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. As musicians we've all heard it, but never, ever did I think I'd get there. What an experience! 

When I was in Nashville last year at the Fine Arts Summer Academy with the Annie Moses Band, they mentioned that there would openings available to come and play at Carnegie with them in January 2012. Of course, my first thought was "Uh, I need to do that." I came home from the Academy, and life got crazy at work and I ended up quitting my job and looking for a new one, etc. So, my audition tape was sent in about one month later than the deadline. I didn't hear anything for a month, and then got this email:

"I am sorry for the delay in getting back with you. We would love to have you at Carnegie if you are able to come. I have been able to finalize a slot for you, so I hope you can work out the final details. Blessings! Annie Dupre"

Uh, I was a little shocked and definitely worked out the details. 

I really have no words for the experience. I can't describe it! If felt so normal to carry Jolie with me through NYC and be playing there. It felt right. And it also felt natural to play at Carnegie; there were no nerves or butterflies, but the whole entire experience was very surreal. It was amazing. What made it more special was playing with a group that whole-heartedly was playing for Christ -- extremely well. I felt so blessed to be playing some of my favourite songs, with my favourite group, in the most famous hall in the world. Gah, I can't really get over it!

Here are some photos from the blessed event. And I couldn't pick any favourites, so you'll just have to put up with a lot!

The lovely Annie Dupre (nee: Wolaver, of the Annie Moses Band...not confusing at all...)

Annie and Gretchen

 Hard at working during dress rehearsal. 

The hall was of course, amazing.

More rehearsal

It was also a pleasure to be conducted by the famous Camp Kirkland again, the father of church orchestrations!

The front liners: Benjamin, Alex, Annie, Gretchen, Camille

Camp and our producer, Roy Hayes

Alex, Berklee, and Miss Robin

Time for the real thing!

I can't even describe how amazing this was!

Annie giving this gentleman his first violin lesson and solo at Carnegie!

This is the whole crew!

And time for a little party at the end!

I truly thank the Lord for allowing and providing this opportunity. Make His Praise Glorious!

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