Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Res Update

I don't plan on updating you on my resolutions everyday. That wouldn't be interesting (I have too much too do), but it would be silly if I didn't keep you appraised on the situation.

Since I'm sitting here at 12:08am 12:26am, I guess that means my resolution to go to bed before 12:00 is being broken, at least today! But, you see, I'm installing Adobe Creative Suite 5 *right now*, which is part of my "try something new" resolution. I think that the two should cancel each other out. Yes? Currently it is saying that I have 159 104 minutes remaining. I'm hoping it's one of those things that actually takes way shorter.

I'm still quite happy with the goals resolutions (goals have an ending...resolutions don't) that I've decided. I feel they are realistic and since resolutions are to make a happier you or me, I don't want to start feeling like I'll fail. I also like that I'll add to this list later. I keep finding other things that I've wanted to do, but don't take the time to do. So, I'm continuing to write them down, and will add as I find my first 7 very manageable. 

"Trying something new" - CS5 is the one I'm most excited about. I met with a friend about it on January 1 and got a brief run down on "InDesign", and have a couple more dates booked. Being in marketing, or trying to be, I think this will be helpful. I'm very excited! And also cool that I found it on Kijiji for about a quarter of the price. 

Again, least excited about running, but a friend of mine is doing a 10K, so we'll train together (right, Jocelyn?!). And since my mother is seeing a trainer, my sister runs a 10K, my bro-in-law a half marathon, and my brother can do anything physical, I'm feeling a little left out here and must fix that! I'm going to start on this after going to NYC next week, as I'm in a little over my head right now with trying to pack and practice and work and I'm in a singing workshop this weekend (brilliant, I know!).

I still have lots to work on, and tonight ran off with my time management skills. But I'm very happy with the week so far. Over and out. 


  1. Ah, InDesign. It is a wonderful friend to have. Enjoy!

  2. Absolutely! As soon as you get back the training begins! :D