Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolutions

The blogs, facebook, and tweeter are just teaming with posts about New Years, new changes and resolutions. It just is that time of year. New Years is just a new start. It feels right to start fresh. Yes, I know you can make changes at any time of the year, but News Years just seems right somehow.

Last fall I read "The Happiness Project" ( I'm not much for self-helf books, but I sure loved this one. I loved the real-ness and practicality. So therefore, along with so many other people, I do plan to blog "New Years Resolutions". There's the part of me that doesn't want to talk about them or blog them because A) everyone else is, and I don't really like to play by their rules and B) because then people know about them and I have actually do them (scary!).

I have a few, obviously, but really have tried to keep them at a point that I can handle. These are January (or perhaps a few months worth), with a few longer term ones thrown in:

1) Go to bed before 12:00pm. I know that sounds crazy, but that's my reality.
2) Drink more water. At least two water bottles per day.
3) Give birthday cards to my friends. Like make and write.
4) Keep a prayer journal.
5) Learn something new: For work and personal stuff, I've decided to learn Adobe CS 5. Already have some "lessons" booked.
6) Run a 5K in May. This is definitely the one I'm least looking forward to. Blah. I just read a blog and it says to always exercise on Monday and start the week right. Oh dear, it's Monday.

I'm actually really excited about all of them! And here is the fantastic journal I get to record it all in. :)

And I'm off to practice. Carnegie is just next week!

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  1. You picked some fun goals! Okay, maybe drinking more water isn't fun but you'll feel better therefore more able to have fun. Anyway, good for you for being realistic and making yourself accountable. Let me know how the 5km goes... at some point in my life I think I'd like to start running.