Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dearest Leanne

August 27, 2001

Dearest Leanne,

If you are reading this, then I am already in heaven, but I can still see if your room is a mess, so tidy it up! I want you to know that you were a wonderful daughter to me. God blessed me by bringing a beautiful, curly-haired little girl into our family. From the day she was born, a spark of life and fun came into our home. What a treat when you got us all giggling at the table. You just have a way of seeing things from a funny way and making the rest of us see it along with you. Thank you for what you mean to our family as a special ray of sunshine that only you can bring to it.

I want you to know that it is clear that God has His hand on your life that has a sensitive, tender way with people. You know how to be a good friend, and you're already showing signs to say "no" to wrong things.

The reason God put you in this family is because He is desiring something very special for it, not just for now but also for many generations into the future. He is starting with us. He gave Mommy and I the vision to raise you to be one mighty in character and spirit, and certainly not just to be an "average Christian". God's desire for you is that your life will be completely dedicated to Him so that you can make significant impact for Him with your life. If you have a family, and I pray you will, then the spiritual heritage that you received will be your responsibility to pass onto your children. God has no "average Christians" in this family. For every generation, what you received will be your privilege to pass on to your children and grandchildren and theirs to pass on down the generations. You are part of something much bigger than you can imagine. The world is going to become a much more difficult place for Christians to be in God has chosen you to be one of His mighty warriors.

Leanne, I can hardly wait to greet you at heaven's door. In the mean time, just know that I love you dearly and am so proud of you. God bless you.


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